Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword Clock Available for Pre-Order

Start Your Day Off Right

Novelty items are pretty sweet. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Merchandise from Square Enix games are usually pretty solid too. This is the case for the Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword Clock, which you can secure right now.

The digital clock is inspired by the title screen of Final Fantasy VII. Cloud’s Buster Sword sits lodged in the stand and the time is displayed on the blade. It costs a pretty penny, so maybe don’t get it if you’re the type to smack your alarm when you wake up.

Final Fantasy VII

The clock has an LED display as well as LEDs in the Materia slots. The lights can be switched between three levels of brightness and different colors. They can display blue, red, purple, green, or yellow. The time is displayed in a 24 hour cycle; no AM/PM mode.

As far as alarms go, there are five different tracks programmed in. You can choose between One-Winged Angel, Aerith’s Theme, The Airbuster, Sector 7 Undercity, and Let the Battles Begin! Depending on how you want to start your day, it can be relaxing, energetic, or absolutely sinister.

For those of you who like face clocks, there are two other Final Fantasy VII items. There are some less expensive clocks with Cloud or Sephiroth on the faces. The hour hand is a Buster Sword and the minute hand is a Masamune. Those cost $130, while the Buster Sword digital clock costs $200.

The Cloud and Sephiroth face clocks can be purchased and shipped right now, but the Buster Sword clock is available for pre-order. Final Fantasy VII Remake is available on PS4 and PS5, and will be coming to PC on December 21st.

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