Arise: A Simple Story, Definitive Edition, Trailer Ahead of April 28th Launch

Simply Definitive 

Prepare for a journey of hardship and hope. A simple story about sorrow, joy, and loss. Today Untold Tales is happy to reveal a new trailer for the Definitive Edition of their game, Arise: A Simple Story. The trailer provides players with all of the features coming to the Switch version of the game on April 28th. 

Arise: A Simple Story places players in an emotional journey through the lives of two characters. Focusing on puzzles and time manipulation, the game drives players through the memories of past lives. Of course, the memories will function as the levels where each one is a metaphor. The metaphors will push players through the stages of life, and see how memories influence recollection. Furthermore, the game will connect with players on this journey that we will all one day face: losing our closest loved ones and the ways we will remember them. Players will need to learn how to reshape their surroundings, control time, and walk in memory to solve the puzzles on this journey of memory and loss. 

The Definitive Edition of the game, on Nintendo Switch, provides a host of new features. For instance, the Switch Definitive Edition provides players with a massive art book and the 18 track original soundtrack. Furthermore, players can look forward to photo-mode and gyroscope support. The trailer shows off and highlights these features. 

Arise: A Simple Story, the Definitive Edition, is releasing on April 28th for the Switch. The game costs $19.99. Additionally, it will have a 50% discount. So, are you ready for a journey of memory, sorrow, joy, and love?