The Dark Heart of Balor Slashing to Release Mid 2022

Defeat Balor, Save The World

The floodgates to Hell are open. Only you can save humanity. Developer Game Artists are happy to announce their upcoming 3D side scrolling, hack and slash, adventure: The Dark Heart of Balor. A press release provides details about the features and plot of the game. Additionally a debut trailer gives players a chance to see the grim world of The Dark Heart of Balor. 

The game puts players into the role of a demon-possessed hunter. As the hunter you are humanity’s last hope against the hordes of hell. The Arch-demon Balor is sending his armies forth from hell across the continent of Eridun. Players will adventure across Eridun, delving into dark crypts, demon infested wildlands, and more. Of course, as the player adventures they will encounter ambushes, deadly traps, puzzles, and challenging foes intent on killing the hunter. You can equip your character with a multitude of different weapons and armor to truly find the playstyle that fits you the best and help you take on your enemies. Furthermore a progression system centering around acquiring skill points allows for further customization.

The debut trailer for the game provides players with a look at the world of The Dark Heart of Balor. Basically, the trailer acts as a players first welcome into a world of darkness, demons, and death. A world where you are the only hope. 

Currently there is no official release date for the game. Instead, Game Artists is preparing for a mid-2022 release. The game itself will release on Early Access for PC, with later releases for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.