Silent Hill Gets Some Unexpected Hope

This Could Be a Protection of Silent Hill  Assets or More

Silent Hill certainly has a devoted following. While it has been years since a game has been released, hearing about it causes people to stir in excitement. The closest we had was Konami’s release of the PT  demo years ago- and we haven’t seen much from Konami since.

Not when it comes to Silent Hill itself at least. But recently there was something that may have hinted at a change in the future. And this came from a trademark renewal.

As it is, trademark renewal would not mean much out of the ordinary; all Konami would have to do is prove that they’re still using Silent Hill somehow, and they get to keep their trademark. However, the new trademark specifically mentions VR headsets, unlike previous renewals.

But, this would not that we would get everything we wanted. There’s no mention that this would mean that we would get Silent Hills. Nor would it mean that we would get the exact same thing that we love from the first game trilogy, with the exact same team.

As it is, many of the original team are no longer part of Konami. In fact, former team members for Silent Hill have done well for themselves outside of Konami- as we’ve seen with Death Stranding, and with the upcoming Slitterhead. So it’s pretty unlikely that they would help with a new Silent Hill at all, even if it meant they could go back with the franchise that they clearly put heart and soul into.

So, whatever this Silent Hill VR would be, it may not be the exact same feeling that fans desire- though if they managed that with PT without the original team, maybe Konami will not so do badly in a revival.

However, since we have not gotten any confirmation from the company at present, this will have to be taken with a grain of salt. This could just simply be protecting from future trademark stealing on all sides, and there may not be a VR game in the future.

But we can always hope.