Pre-Registration For Apex Legends Mobile Is Officially Open Worldwide

Pre-Registration For Apex Legends Mobile Is Officially Open Worldwide

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment entered the battle royale arena with Apex Legends in 2019. Since then, the game has hit the top of the genre as a hero shooter that features fast paced action and entertaining characters. Today, the companies have announced that interested fans from around the world can now pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile edition. The game will be set within the same world as Apex Legends. The developers will deliver it all in a mobile package.

Interested fans can pre-register for the game on mobile here. As a bonus, players who pre-register will be awarded with exclusive cosmetic items at player sign-up milestones in the upcoming months. Moreover, this game will be built from the ground up and perfected for mobile devices. It will feature legends, abilities and many of the locations that Apex Legends fans love and enjoy. However, it will be fully streamlined for mobile devices.

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Additionally, the game will feature mobile-only maps, gameplay modes and other unique content for fans to enjoy. Furthermore, in its one-minute long announcement trailer, fans were given some insight into the game modes and options available for the game’s mobile edition. Additionally, players were given a sneak peek at the controls and HUD, which looks very similar to the PC and console versions.

In Apex Legends, players drop into hot zones by themselves or with teammates and must fight to survive. The circle slowly closes and positioning is key.

What are your thoughts on Apex Legends? Are you a fan of battle royale games? Have you tried the game? Are you interested in mobile games? Do you play mobile games? Will you pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

SOURCE: Press Release