Marvel’s Avengers Update Brings Back Nick Fury & Reworks War Table

Marvel’s Avengers Is Bringing Back Nick Fury

Marvel’s Avengers’ latest update will be available on March 24th. Patch 2.3 will include new missions, Nick Fury, and a rework on the game’s War Table. This feature is what players use to launch missions and tackle quests. However, some fans have complained that it can be a tad bit confusing.

Following the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers update, there will be changes on how information is displayed on the War Table. Crystal Dynamics is expecting these changes to help improve the flow of the game.

marvel's avengers update

Biomes will display their recommended Power Levels.  HIVES will show up on the War Table once the players reach a power level that is “comparable to the range of the region it is found in.” Each of these regions is going to show a “suggested” minimum and maximum power level. HARM Rooms will “have a minimum Power Level of 1” while HARM Challenges 1-V will be a “part of the priority HARM rotation.”

Missions will no longer rotate every 15 minutes. Instead, Threat Sectors and Drop Zones will appear at all times.

Moreover, players will be able to visit Villain Sectors without having to go to Faction terminals first. Before the update, players have been required to grab these special missions from the Faction Mission Givers. They can also view Vaults without having to get their coordinates first.

Marvel’s Avengers players will also get the chance to talk to Nick Fury at the War Table. The patch-eyed character will be replacing the voice of JARVIS. His voice will also replace Maria Hill’s narration at the beginning of the Avengers Initiative, several missions, and new tutorial videos.

Wasteland and Wakanda Threat Sectors will also replace the Flashback Missions that ended with boss fights. Marvel’s Avengers will have to finish a Quickmatch mission so that they could do Rise and Shine. Plus, Heroic Mission Chains will only show up on a per Hero basis.

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