In Nightmare, Horror Adventure, Brings Fear To life On PS4 and PS5 Today

A Living Nightmare 

We’ve all had bad dreams before. It’s always relieving to wake up and realize it was all a dream. Yet what if you couldn’t escape the nightmare? Today Maximum Games brings their narrative-driven horror adventure, In Nightmare, to PS4 and PS5. The announcement of the launch comes alongside a new trailer that shows off the horror of the game. 

In Nightmare Art

In Nightmare places players in the darkest of dreams, literally. Players will take on the role of a young child who, dealing with the issues of a broken family, falls into a deep sleep. The child awakens in a nightmarish dream-scape with, seemingly, no escape. Players will experience gameplay full of diverse and challenging puzzles while also dealing with stealth and chase elements. You aren’t alone in the nightmare and different visages of terror are very real in the dreamscape. Navigate fear and look for the last hope of love and light before it’s swallowed in the darkness. As the story progresses players will put together the pieces to purify the monsters that are stalking them through the nightmare. 

The launch trailer that Maximum released today gives players a glimpse of the nightmare. A tangled mess of arms, a woman of shadows, and more chase our protagonist through the nightmare. And the trailer gives players look at these monsters, as well as the art style of the game. Additionally, the trailer shows off some of the gameplay players will experience within In Nightmares. 

In Nightmares is out now on PS4 and PS5. The game can be bought on Maximum Games’ website. Are you able to escape the nightmare? Or will your fear swallow you alive?