Galaxy Trail Confirms Freedom Planet 2 Will Officially Release This Year

Galaxy Trail Confirms Freedom Planet 2 Will Officially Release This Year

Galaxy Trail is an independent video game studio based in New York. It started in 2011 and since then, it has released its first major title, Freedom Planet. Today, the developers have confirmed the release date of Freedom Planet 2, its second release and a sequel to the original. In a statement made via Twitter, Galaxy Trail have confirmed that Freedom Planet 2 will release on September 13th, 2022. The release went on to explain the reason for the date along with other information.

Freedom Planet 2

Originally, the developers were pushing for a Spring release date. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, that date had to be delayed. The team was set on releasing the game on multiple platforms at the same time and needed additional time for certifications and testing. In closing, the release stated that fans would be informed of upcoming news on the game as the September date comes closer.

Freedom Planet 2 will maintain some of the core elements of its predecessor including the core gameplay, heroines and the adventure and classic modes. Additionally, the balance speed and exploration allows players to speed-run and more.

Additionally, in the game, Merga, a water dragon, has been freed from its crystal prison due to the Kingdom Stone’s destruction. As a result, the dragon is prepared to wreak havoc that will alter the three kingdoms forever. Thus, players must adopt the roles of the heroines who will put their friendships and lives to the test. Some of the game’s other features include difficulty customization that allows for flexibility, guarding and revivals.

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