CrossfireX’s Latest Update Introduces New Maps and Much More

CrossfireX’s Latest Update Introduces New Maps and Much More

Smilegate Entertainment is a South Korean based video game developer and publisher. Its flagship series Crossfire is one of the most popular in the world and in the video game industry. The company is also known for the highly successful, Lost Ark Online. Recently, the company released the highly anticipated CrossfireX, a new game in the long standing series. It released on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It is available on the Xbox Game Pass. Today, the company released an update for the game that brings new maps, bug fixes and additional refinement.

crossfirex new gameplay trailer official release date

The new Spectre Mode and Deathmatch Maps will allow players to go face to face in a ruined city and submarine. In the former, players go against spectres during the event while in the latter, players must use their knives in a melee only deathmatch.

In terms of gameplay improvements, approximately eighty bug fixes were implemented and refinements were made to the controller and aim assist settings. Additionally, the team introduced some other content such as new weapons, silencers and a Battle Pass that lets players earn GP and CFP for free.

Furthermore, the developers made some other changes to CrossfireX’s UX. Players will now be able to navigate through all menus using the D-Pad and there is now a menu for weapon statistic comparisons. Therefore, players can easily determine which weapon suits them in Classic and Modern Modes.

CrossfireX is a fast paced first-person shooter where players can experience competitive multiplayer and an exciting campaign.

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