The Tomorrow Children Revival Will Not Be Free-To-Play

The Tomorrow Children Is Ditching the Free-To-Play Model

Q-Games has announced that The Tomorrow Children will not be free-to-play once it resurrects. This is a change from when it first launched on the PS4, but it might be for the best. You may be wondering what Tomorrow Children was. The game was a STRAND game where players worked together to build in a shared world. It was also a game that struggled to find a good way to monetize since it was a free-to-play title.

The Tomorrow Children ins3

Dylan Cuthbert, CEO, and founder of Q-Games, had this to say:

“It was a free-to-play game, so it needed time to grow and for us to work out how to monetize it properly. But that’s the main reason it ended up being shut down because we didn’t really manage to monetize it. We weren’t experienced in free-to-play, so that probably didn’t help, but neither did Sony.”

It seems that going free-to-play didn’t quite work out for The Tomorrow Children. It can be challenging to balance needing to make a profit while still keeping the game fun for everyone. Cuthbert believes that coming out with a paid game will allow them to be profitable while creating an enjoyable experience.

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Cuthbert had this to say on coming out as a paid game:

“It means the game can be balanced a lot better because we don’t have to try and squeeze a bit of money out of the player at every opportunity. We can just actually build the game properly, based on normal — more normal, I suppose — progression methods.”

Will you play this Tomorrow Children revival? What do you think about it ditching the free-to-play model? Let us know in the comments below!