My Friendly Neighborhood Gets a One Week Demo

Free Demo for My Friendly Neighborhood Is Out Now

Starting today, a demo for the puppet survival horror game My Friendly Neighborhood is available. The demo is a part of Steam Next Fest and will be available only until February 28. If a puppet-based horror game sounds like your thing, make sure to check out the demo while it is still available.

My Friendly Neighborhood demo will have players playing as Gordon, who is stuck in the studio’s basement and is given friendly (?) advice by Ricky the Sock that leads Gordon on the search for an old, possibly broken, elevator. Players must explore the basement, juggle ammo limitations, strategically tape not-so-friendly neighbors to the ground, and avoid a very grumpy puppet named Ray.

Key features:

  • A colorful cast of puppet friends turned adversaries (and maybe turned friends again!)
  • Non-linear, survival horror gameplay. Make sure to check your map!
  • Unique weapons like the Rolodexer. Do you know your ABCs? You better – it’s your ammo
  • An array of puzzles in the vein of the survival horror greats
  • A multitude of diverse environments, from the “BTS” Ray’s Workshop to cardboard crayon halls
  • A grid-based real-time inventory, cause that’s just way better

If you are into horror games, the demo of My Friendly Neighborhood is a no-brainer. It has some of the hallmarks of a great horror game, and a free demo is a perfect way to try it out. You can see if the game is up your alley, and you don’t have to pay a dime.

What do you think of My Friendly Neighborhood? Are you going to give the demo a try? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Press Release