Latest Trailer Shows Off Upcoming No Man’s Sky Sentinel Update

Latest Trailer Shows Off Upcoming No Man’s Sky Sentinel Update

Hello Games is an independent British video game developer based in England that has worked various titles. They have won awards for Joe Danger, No Man’ Sky and The Last Campfire. No Man’s Sky first launched in 2016. The game was highly anticipated and unfortunately, it crashed. Fans criticized the game heavily. However, the team made a great turn around and No Man’s Sky is one of the most fun games available now. Today, the company released a trailer for the Sentinel Update, which opens up a new world of possibilities for fans.

In Update 3.8, players will be able to fight alongside robotic companions and battle new enemies. The patch introduces new weapons, lore, stories and combat behavior for Sentinels. Furthermore, players will be able to reprogram their own friendly android.

No Man's Sky Prisms


The trailer shows off the Royal Jetpack, Sentinel Pillars and some aspects of the world. In the world, players can undergo exobiology expeditions and discover unknown treasures. Additionally, buildable AI mechs allow for customization options including better shields and even a flamethrower. An improved AI system will also improve player experience.

In terms of visual upgrades, all multi-tool systems such as the Scatter Blaster and Mining Laser have seen significant upgrades. Some of the benefits include new beams, muzzles, refractions and lighting effects. AMD Fidelity FX support will also allow PC users to have better image quality as faster FPS. All PC users can take advantage of the technology regardless of the graphics card.

No Man’s Sky is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5 and Xbox consoles.

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