Harvest Days Is the Latest Farm/Adventure Game

Harvest Moons Imply Harvest Days

There is something about the farm sim genre that appeals to a wide variety of gamers. People think it’s all killing creatures and shooting guns, but sometimes we just want to tend to a farm and grow some crops. Harvest Days looks like the game to do just that.

You got your Stardews, your Animal Crossings, and your Harvest Moons, which have more of a top/down view. A few games go for the third person view, like My Time in Portia. Harvest Days also takes approach, making the exploration and design reminiscent of My Time in Portia.

Harvest Days

The trailer shows the game to be your typical start to a farming sim. You come to a small town, work on a small farm, join a community and build your farming empire.

You have a ton of options to pass your time on your new farm. There is fishing, planting and growing crops, tending to livestock, mining, and there is the surrounding landscape to explore. It also appears that the local town has a lot of activities like horseback riding and dance parties? Alright then.

You can wishlist Harvest Days on Steam and it will be out in a couple of months time. There is no word on this game being available on other platforms, but a farmer can dream. Harvest Days will be out on April 5th for PC.

Does this look like it could scratch that farm sim itch? Let us know in the comments below.