The Steam Deck Is Launching Next Month

Steam Deck Launching in February

Valve’s Steam Deck is nearly upon us. Customers will begin getting invites “shortly after 10 am PT” on February 25 and will have three days to secure their order. If no purchase is made, the chance will go to the next person in the queue. So watch your email.

Right now, the plan is to send these emails out weekly.

valve steam deck vr

The emails will go out to whoever reserved one first. You are also only able to purchase the Steam Deck model that you reserved. Whatever money you put down on the reservation will go to your final order.

Yes, the Steam Deck’s launch will have many people excited. Personally, I’m just curious. I have a solid gaming laptop, and I love my Nintendo Switch, so the Steam Deck just doesn’t interest me personally.

That said, I definitely see the appeal of the Steam Deck. A portable PC that you can play anywhere? If you already have an extensive gaming library on Steam, then that is another huge bonus as you won’t have to re-buy your library.

valve steam deck vr

Right now, the Steam Deck is aiming to play almost every game on Steam. Obviously, that is a tough ask, but Valve has been working on it, and they want everything to run smoothly with a target of 60 fps. If it can reach that, it will be an impressive piece of hardware. I’m not entirely sold, and I remain a little skeptical on how much Valve will support this.

We will find out just how good the Steam Deck is in February. Emails to order it will begin going out on February 25 with the goal to ship them on the 28. I hope they are able to live up the hype and potentially introduce more people to PC gaming.