Rumor of Possible Little Big Planet in Development

But It Might Be a Bit of a Stretch

Hearing that the Servers were shutting down for Little Big Planet’s last year was always a downer. While it is understandable that it had been ten years since the previous iteration, it was a surprise that it did not come on the heels of announcing a new Little Big Planet game. So fans held their breaths and hoped.

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And now, there might be a small ray of hope. There’s been a new job listing posted on Sumo Digital. And what they’re looking for in particular is an experienced level designer. They don’t mention what game or project they want this for by name, as most companies do not want to release this before they have a project to display. Instead, this is for “an experienced and passionate team in delivering an exciting AAA title,” according to the posting. Added to the posting is that this is for a game that is “an already established, multi-million selling franchise.

So it’s not too big of a jump to hope this is for Little Big Planet. After all, while Sumo has done other games in the past, Little Big Planet is by far their most famous title, and most likely to fulfill the criteria. Then again, Sumo has also co-developed games such as Hitman in the past, as well as Forza Horizon. So there could be other contenders, or this could be a new title entirely.

There have been other games revealed from job postings in the past. But we can’t be for sure that this job posting will be for a new Little Big Planet just yet, as nothing has been confirmed nor denied by Sumo Digital.

But it is still a good possibility. We will have to keep watching in the upcoming year and see what Sumo Digital has in store for us.