The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Is Getting a New Map Later This Month

Check out the New Map of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Gun Media has revealed that a brand-new map is coming to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The new location is called The Mill, and it will be released on 28 March. This one is also based on one of the locations from the films just like the other maps in the game.
The official Twitter account of the game posted this teaser on its page and it reads:

“Enjoy a closer look at The Mill where players will be able to scramble up multiple floors, traverse through a Ghost Town, or sneak around a dry river bed. Available March 28th.”

While the teaser video of the new map of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is short, it offers a promising preview of what lies ahead on March 28. The trailer shows that the upper section of the map will have plenty of obstacles and traps. At the same time, the basement appears to be another confined space, with numerous quick escape routes.

By the way, this is not the only thing Gun Media was teasing. In the same post promoting the upcoming, a user asked if there was any news regarding the upcoming survivor title Virginia. The official account replied saying, “Stay tuned :)”.

So, are you excited for this upcoming map of the game?