PUBG: New State’s Latest Patch Introduces Extreme Mode And More

PUBG: New State’s Latest Patch Introduces Extreme Mode And More

PUBG: New State is an online battle royale that is currently available on iOS and Android. The game is developed by PUBG Studios and published by Krafton Inc. Today, the developers released the game’s latest update that released a ton of content including BR: Extreme, weapon customizations, weapons, vehicles and a Survivor Pass. The developers also released a lengthy trailer detailing all the changes.

In BR: Extreme, games are limited to 64 players and 20 minutes. Therefore, players are forced into the action in Troi as the game’s intensity increases. Additional features included in the mode are more vehicles and items, players can skydive into action faster and faster drones. Additionally, teammates can redeploy in sixty seconds.

Furthermore, Season 1 kicks off with a bang as players are introduced to eight new tiers to work through. Additionally, the P90 SMG and additional weapon customization options give fans much more to enjoy. Moreover, fans can enjoy the Rimac Nevera, which is the fastest car around.

Also, fans are given further insight into the update via the trailer. Some of the other changes introduced include station, audio and animation updates alongside weapon balancing. These changes will improve the quality of life for players as they head into the new season.

In Survivor Pass Vol. 3, players will be able to compete in various missions and unlock rewards and items. This Survivor Pass focuses on Ben Brown, a member of the Great Lakes Coalition faction.

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SOURCE: Press Release