Nintendo Shows Off Kirby and The Forgotten Land Co-Op in New Trailer

Kirby Returns 

The pink ball of cute power returns once again. In a tweet today, Nintendo announced the co-op and copy capabilities of Kirby and The Forgotten Land. The tweet included a new trailer that shows off some of the features coming with the new game. Players can gear up for a new Kirby adventure and bring a friend along for the ride. 

Kirby and The Forgotten Land is latest installment of Kirby games coming to Switch in March. Players once again reprise their role as everyone’s favorite pink hero as he takes off on his newest adventure. This game sees Kirby exploring the ruins of a past civilization in 3D, themed, stages. With bright, top down, side scrolling action, players join Kirby on his quest to save the Waddle-Dees. And he isn’t alone. 


Kirby and the Forgotten Land introduces co-op play as well. In addition to our pink hero, a friend can grab a joycon and play as the sharp and capable Bandana Waddle-Dee. According to the Nintendo website, both Kirby and Bandana Waddle-Dee have their own complimentary abilities to make your quest even more fun. Uniquely, while Kirby floats and inhales enemies, Bandana Waddle-Dee throws and spins his spear to dispatch enemies. Additionally this gives players a chance to try out both characters as they adventure together. Also, as shown in the trailer today, Kirby has the ability to copy enemy moves and use them against your foes.

Kirby and the forgotten lands feature 

Currently the game is set for a March 25th release. Are you excited for a new Kirby game? Which character are you looking forward to trying?