Mortal Online 2, Getting a Facelift; Awarded MegaGrant by Epic Games

Mega Money for a Mega Transition 

If a game is to be consistent, it requires upgrades. Now with funding from Epic Games’ MegaGrant Star Vault’s MMORPG, Mortal Online 2, is ready to move into its next phases. A press release about Mortal Online 2’s plans for the MegaGrant provides more details. 

Mortal Online 2 Feature

“Our collaboration with Epic Games is of great importance to provide the best possible experience for our players in Mortal Online 2.” Says Henrik Nyström, founder and CEO of Star Vault, in the release. 

Mortal Online 2 is a persistent sandbox MMORPG. It is in first person and focused on immersion within the world. In addition the game is entirely based on the players. Your reputation is everything, and player actions add to the ever-growing history of the game world. Player’s characters will be recognized by their own actions and the impact they have on their world. Truly, every choice is up to the player, how they interact with others, how they make their mark on the world, everything. 

Star Vault plans on using the MegaGrant, from Epic Games, to begin the next phases of their MMORPG. In light of the grant, Star Vault will transition their game into Unreal Engine 5. 

Epic Games’ MegaGrant is an award given to members of the game development community doing great things with Unreal Engine. Additionally, according to Unreal Engine’s website, the award is worth 100 million dollars between recipients. 

With this in mind, Star Vault will take Mortal Online 2 to the next level of MMORPG’s. Are you excited for the next phases of Mortal Online 2?