Knights of the Old Republic Remake May Get New Combat

KOTOR Remake May Massively Change Gameplay

Last year, Aspyr announced they were developing an official remake of the acclaimed classic game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Aspyr intended to release the remake of the widely popular 2003 RPG on PlayStation 5 and PC. However, we haven’t seen much news since then — until today.

This has changed thanks to some new rumours courtesy of MrMattyPlays. On his YouTube channel, he mentions several things that we do know. This includes the game’s platforms and competing rumours surrounding the game’s writing, characters and main plot.

However, possibly the most interesting update to these rumours is that the remake will have a completely new combat style. The original KOTOR featured a real-time turn-based combat system. MrMattyPlays claims the remake will follow the lead of games like God of War and Nioh.

This rumour is supported by job listings for the game’s Lead Combat Designer and AI Engineer. The listings hint at creating a combat system that incorporates AI into new and immersive combat experiences.

Rumours state the game will take inspiration from God of War and Nioh. So while this is far from concrete, it is clear the remake will likely feature a different combat system from the original.

There have been countless Star Wars video games made over the years. Each one has been received with varying degrees of fanfare. However, none may have yet reached the status of the original KOTOR. To say the least, the community has waited a long time for an official KOTOR remake.

With all this pressure and anticipation, the Knights of the Old Republic remake will continue to garner a lot of coverage, so keep your eyes peeled. How excited are you for the KOTOR remake?