Dragon Age 4 Won’t Be Launching This Year

Dragon Age Won’t Be Ready to Launch This Year

Dragon Age 4 from BioWare is still not ready for release. The devs have been hard at work on the franchise’s next installment for years. In fact, they have been relatively religious in dropping a few several teaser trailers to tide their fans over.

The EA-published RPG has never had an official release date. Unfortunately, it looks like it still does not. “A source with knowledge of EA”s plans has said there is ‘no chance’ that Dragon Age 4 will release in 2022,” famed leaker Tom Henderson confirmed.

dragon age 4 wont launch this year

This news is much to the dismay of Dragon Age 4 fans. However, this is not a result of an internal delay within the studio. Apparently, EA has always known that BioWare will not be able to officially roll out the title in 2022.

According to multiple reports, devs decided to overhaul the project to leave out some online elements. Dragon Age 4 will reportedly be single-player only. Fans also already know that it will feature the Tevinter Imperium, which is a vast continent that as not been explored in other Dragon Age titles.

This information is pretty much in line with earlier reports that BioWare and EA are targeting a 2023 release date for Dragon Age 4. However, it is worth noting that this does not automatically suggest that it will be some time in early 2023. A summer 2023 launch for the game could be the earliest possible time frame for the game. Still, this estimate is more like a vague hope than a an actual release target.

With no official release date for Dragon Age 4, it is tough to say when EA is going to start promoting the game. After all, E3 is still a few months away. With that said, fans are expecting some much heavier promotion until much closer to The Game Awards 2022.

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