Diplomacy is Not an Option Delayed Until February

Ready Yourselves Knights

It is by order of the king that Diplomacy is Not an Option hath been delayed until the coming month. Developer Door 407 is delaying the launch of their upcoming castle siege game, Diplomacy is Not an Option, by a month. A press release about the game details more info about the delay as well as the game itself. 

DiNaO feature

Diplomacy is Not an Option is a city builder, tower defense, game. Players will take on the role of a feudal king in a besieged kingdom. You must build up your settlement and defend it against hordes of monsters, rebellious peasants, and other sorts of things that would doom your kingdom. In addition to building up your city, you will also need to research and develop units and face moral dilemmas. 

Alongside the announcement of the delay, Door 407 released a gameplay trailer. 

The trailer shows off the pixel-like graphics as well as the gameplay. For instance, the trailer demonstrates how important unit placement and mobility are when it comes to defending your settlement. Also, the sheer size of the sieges that take place in the trailer are enough to make any fantasy fan tremble with excitement.

The game has been delayed until February 9th, 2022.  The game will launch on Steam Early Access. Will you draw swords and defend your kingdom? Are you able to stand against the hordes that threaten your very existence, or will you fall.