Tilted Towers is Coming Back to Fortnite

Fortnite’s Classic Industrial Area is Making a Return

Fans who have settled into the new map for Fortnite Chapter 3 should prepare themselves for an upcoming change. However, this change will be familiar to veteran players. The classic Tilted Towers will be making a return to the acclaimed Battle Royale game.

Speculation has been swirling lately about the return of Tilted Towers. According to a tweet this morning, the official Fortnite Twitter account has all but confirmed its return tomorrow. January 18 actually marks the fourth anniversary of the location’s introduction.

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Tilted Towers first appeared in Chapter 1 Season 2. Since then, the section of the map has been changed, removed and brought back several times. So if you have played Fortnite at basically any point since it was originally released, you have likely snuck around Tilted Tower’s streets. The tall buildings placed tightly together make for great fighting action, both long-range and close combat.

What remains to be seen is any other detail than that. It is unclear where Tilted Towers will reappear in this new map. There is also a question about how it will look. Will it have a new redesign or will it return with a classic look? It is likely that it will be at least slightly remixed to suit Chapter 3’s map.

Luckily, it seems like players won’t have to wait very long for these questions to be answered. With Tilted Towers returning, what other locations would you like to see make a comeback?