Beacon Pines Demo Makes Its Way to Steam’s Big Adventure Event

A Big Adventure 

Have you ever wanted to live inside a storybook? Well Hiding Spot Games’ upcoming adventure, Beacon Pines, gives you the chance. And if this sounds interesting to you, there’s even more good news. Beacon Pines is coming to Steam’s The Big Adventure Event. A press release about the game and the event provides more details. 

Beacon Pines Feature

Beacon Pines places players inside of a storybook. You will play as, not only, the main character within the book but also as the reader. This reader-character is a young boy named Luka. In addition to Luka,  you will meet a collection of characters as you adventure around the story. Uncover new worlds, characters, and ways to alter the storybook. As the player progresses through the story, they will find charms which will allow them to return to previous parts of the book and change the past. Yet, be careful, changing the past can lead to a whole new sequence of events you may not have been expecting. 

The game, made by a team of three developers, focuses on exploration and dialogue. There is no combat, and only small puzzles to solve. Rather, it is instead focusing on discovery. A trailer, from last year, shows off the art style and gameplay. 

In addition to releasing later this year, the game is also featuring at Steam’s The Big Adventure Event. The event celebrates and showcases indie adventure games. Also, this year Beacon Pines is arriving as a playable demo for players to enjoy. 

Currently, Beacon Pines is planning to release later in 2022. It will be available on PC, through Steam, as well as on the Nintendo Switch. The Big Adventure Event is coming January 22nd-24th. Are you excited to explore Beacon Pines?