Wytchwood Starts Bewitching Gamers Today

Crafting Adventure Wytchwood Launches Today on Consoles Everywhere

Teased last month, Alientrap and Whitehorn Games are debuting Wytchwood, their new crafting adventure game. Set in a land of gothic fables and fairytales, Wytchwood allows players to become a mysterious old witch. As the old witch, players explore the bizarre countryside that makes up the game’s landscape. They must collect magical ingredients and brew sorcerous enchantments.

This is the game’s main goal: to research and concoct devious spells, made with the magical ingredients you track down.¬†However, the game is made up of a strange cast of characters and creatures you will encounter. As a powerful sorcerous, it is up to you to pass your judgement on these bizarre characters.

From werewolves and talking animals to zombies and other fearsome creatures, Whytchwood drops players in a fantastical world. As they search the land for ingredients and encounter these creatures, players must also solve puzzles to get the better of the monsters who challenge them.

Wytchwood’s storybook art style will absorb players into the mythical world full of tall tales and colourful personas. While the focus may be on crafting your various spells, the game’s fantastical narratives will keep players interested in uncovering more about the story.

The universe is quite expansive, as players will find themselves exploring a countryside of expansive fields, dreary forests and snowy pathways. As players explore more, they will discover more ingredients and creatures to enhance their story. And their repertoire will grow.

Wytchwood is out today on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Swtich. Given the chance, what would you do with unlimited sorcerous powers?