The Cycle: Frontier’s Next Closed Beta Test Will Begin Early 2022

The Cycle: Frontier Is Having Another Closed Beta Test Early Next Year

The Cycle: Frontier’s closed beta play test has ended, much to the dismay of its fast-growing community in the gaming world. The game was able to get a majority of positive feedback from its players during the weeks that the beta test was live. Some veteran gamers even compared it to a fellow survival sandbox game, Escape From Tarkov.

Fortunately for The Cycle: Frontier fans, Developer Yager confirmed that they will soon be getting another chance to experience the game again. The devs revealed that another closed beta  is well on its way. Fans are expecting the game to arrive during the first half of next year. 

the cycle frontier closed beta test 2022

According to multiple reports, the closed beta test should launch sometime in March 2022 at the earliest. This expected time frame is, of course, not including any unforeseen issues and circumstances that could affect the game’s development.

The upcoming playtest period will still be available to a select sample group. This is reportedly to ensure that everything runs just like they planned from a technical standpoint. Server stability is one of the aspects of the game that is of utmost importance. Those who were able to take part in the recent closed beta test experienced some multiple server outages. This was reportedly due to an overwhelming influx of players.

Players who want to sign up for the next The Cycle: Frontier can do so right now. Those who were part of the recent ones will reportedly automatically get invites to the next one.

Furthermore, considering that The Cycle: Frontier is hugely influenced by Escape From Tarkov, it will most likely also feature periodic progress wipes on a seasonal basis. Each time a wipe occurs, players will no longer possess their accumulated loot. This means that they will lose all currency, resources, weapons, and other non-cosmetic equipment.

These seasonal wipes reportedly take place every few months to ensure that all players of The Cycle: Frontier will be on an even playing field.

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