Take Control of Time Itself in Timerunner

Timerunner is a New First-Person Action Game That Will Let You Bend Time to Your Will

Have you ever wanted to control time? Today, Sicarius announced a game that will give you that power. Timerunner is a brand new first-person shooter game that will allow players to stop time as they search for mystical artifacts.

In Timerunner, players take on the role of a stranger known as the Alien Traveler. This character from another planet must scour Earth for hidden artifacts. Players will have to travel to many different countries to find these objects. However, it isn’t a simple scavenger hunt. There will be countless enemies who will try to stop you from achieving your goal.

Timerunner Artwork

In order to succeed, players will have to master both their weapons and their control over time itself. These will be key if they want to overpower their opponents. These enemies range from soldiers and astronauts to aliens and other extraterrestrial creatures. It is up to the player to navigate these enemy hordes with the advantage of time control on their side. When everyone is shooting at the player, they can stop time to avoid the bullets and launch preemptive rockets at their enemies.

Timerunner is designed in a visual style reminiscent of Fortnite. Therefore the game’s highly colourful universe will leave players with a futuristic feeling as they take on countless groups of varying creatures.

Sicarius will be releasing Timerunner on Steam on December 13. What will you do if you have the ability to control time? Check out the gameplay trailer below and add Timerunner to your Steam wishlist to find out.