Roguelite Duel Princess Will Launch On Nintendo Switch In January 2022

Roguelite Duel Princess Will Launch On Nintendo Switch In January 2022

Qureate is a Japanese video game developer and publisher that is ready to release Duel Princess. Duel Princess is a roguelite, side-scrolling tower defense game. Qureate has announced that Duel Princess, its upcoming title, will release on the Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop on 13th January 2022. The game will support Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese dialogue options. Furthermore, there are rumors that the title will be coming to PC sometime next year. Qureate, as a popular Japanese publisher, has released many of its titles in the past on Steam. Thus, it’s no surprise that Duel Princess may land there as well.

Duel Princess mixes tower defence, side-scrolling and roguelite elements into one hectic product. In Duel Princess, players must build their own deck and take over the castle.

Three demonic kings have appeared alongside two princesses and a hero. The demonic kings were stopped, however it was only temporary, as a Great Demon King has been resurrected. As a result, the hero and two princesses must come together to battle against this great threat.

As the game mixes various elements, players must use their tactics and skills to progress. Strategy and deck-building are key elements of the title as players must outmaneuver opponents and build their armies using units. Additionally, each princess has a skill that can be utilized and each character has their own story to be explored.

The game’s minute long trailer shows off elements of its story, dialogue and more.

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SOURCE: Press Release