“Kaiju Commander” is Exactly As Awesome As You Think

“Giant Monster Break Everything Yes” Seems Like a Winning Formula

Based in Warsaw, Poland, Gameparic Studios promises to give players a new kind of Kaiju experience. The protagonists of Kaiju movies have always been humanity – struggling against some giant monster in order to save their city. But… come on. We both know why you’re into Kaiju movies. The real star of the show is the monster itself – the power, the devastation, the raw fury of nature levelling human creations. While plenty of Kaiju moves touch on broader themes, that aura of dumb popcorn-movie fun has never quite left the genre. And that feeling is exactly what Kaiju Commander wants to deliver.

While Kaiju Commander is still a fledgling project, there’s plenty of info stomping around to give players a taste of what’s to come. The game’s trailer gives off the same energy as Plague Inc. mixed with Evil Genius 2: World Domination. And despite (or even because of) all the usual indie jank, it just gives off the kind of soulful, down-to-earth vibes you’d expect from an independent studio.

Is it a base-building management simulator, with a ton of numbers to keep track of? Yeah, sure. This genre is always like that. But with those cinematics showing off the kind of destruction you can cause, Kaiju Commander knows exactly why you’re here. Some animations could still use some work (don’t look at not-Godzilla’s arms for too long), but most of the visuals still embody top-notch dumb fun.

Kaiju Commander also promises a feature that lets players breed the exact kind of killing machines they want to see. Some screenshots even show monsters strapped with heavy weaponry of all kinds, and… come on. You strap missile pods to anything, you automatically make it cooler. Gameparic studios is basically cheating at this point, but it’s a kind of cheating you can’t help but root for.