GTFO Horror Shooter Launches Merch Store

Horror Comes to Clothes 

Get ready to show off your love for GTFO today, 10 Chambers’ horror shooter, launched its merch store. From shirts, to sweaters. Jackets, to hats. The GTFO merch store is looking to cover your whole wardrobe. A press release about the merch store provides details on the idea behind the store.

“Firstly, we wanted to create something that we – and hopefully more people – actually want to wear,” said Ulf Andersson creative director at 10 Chambers. 

Of course the community surrounding the game is not small by any means. GTFO boasts one of the worlds largest discord servers, with over 200,000 people. In addition, since its early access release it has been the recipient of multiple awards. Now the fan base has a chance to show off their GTFO pride with the merch store. 

“We wanted to unleash that creativity in our GTFO merchandise, taking the game brand to fashion rather than the other way around,” said Andersson in the release. 

Despite the wide range of merchandise, GTFO is a hardcore game. It attracts hardcore gamers. 10 Chambers knew that their merch store would need some hardcore items and they provided. Some more…unique… items have been released to the merch store to accompany the street-wear. Items like hard hats, based on an in-game mining company, to bust of the GTFO gas masks made of epoxy resin and iron powder. It will oxidize over time and acquire a new look as it ages on your shelf at home. The gas mask is limited to one-hundred sales.

The GTFO store is open today. In addition, to celebrate the version 1.0 launch, GTFO is currently 25% off in the Steam store. GTFO is available for PC and is currently priced at $39.99.