Ever Forward Launches on Consoles

Forward Still

Ever Forward, the puzzle platformer from PM Studios and Pathea, goes forward again with today’s console release. Navigate the mysterious world of main character, Maya, as she tries to unravel the secrets of this strange place. Now you can help Maya on console. A press release today detailed the console editions, and highlights the story of Ever Forward.

Ever Forward.jpeg

The puzzle game places an emphasis on making players work to figure things out. Players will need to use their observational skills and memory to solve the puzzles that bar their way. Additionally, and obviously, the player will need to use their intelligence to really glean the truth about the puzzles and the world.  

“the team at Pathea racked their brains together in designing puzzles with “the puzzle gamer” in mind” said the press release about the puzzles. 

On top of the puzzles the game boasts of a unique art style they are excited to bring to consoles. Ever Forward blends reality and imagination, using a style that brings both soothing color and electric patterns. Despite the enchanting art style Pathea makes it clear, in the press release, that The story and art style are both attractive and good in catching the player’s initial attention, but the puzzles are everything.” 

Pathea also released a launch trailer for the arrival of Ever Forward to consoles that shows off the style and gameplay. 

Ever Forward is available today on the Xbox One/Series X, the PlayStation 4 and 5, and the Nintendo Switch. Players are able to buy a digital version on any console for $14.99. Additionally, players can order the physical copy online which comes with a voucher for the original soundtrack.