“Best of Steam 2021” Shows Us the PC Platform’s Best Successes

Steam Had a Great 2021, And Is Eager to Show it Off

As has become an annual tradition for Steam, they’ve made a blog post showing off the highlights of the past year. Dead by Daylight and Apex Legends pulled away as surprise winners, with other releases like Halo Infinite and Age of Empires 4 taking home wins of their own.

While Steam didn’t offer exact sales figures, we do have things broken down into certain tiers. “Silver” and “Gold” games did exceptionally well in their category, with “Platinum” games giving the best results.

From there, there’s a few different ranking categories to give each reward context. “Top Sellers” is for games that sold really well (obviously) on Steam. “New Releases” is similar, though restricted to games that came out recently. “Most Played” is for games that saw the highest number of hours spent in-game for each player. Then, “Early Access Grads” is for games that rose to prominence through an early access program. There’s also two other categories for “Best of VR” and “Best Controller Games”, but… come on. We all know where the prestige is here.

Here’s a few games that took Platinum awards in multiple categories:

Battlefield 2042 – “Top Sellers” and “New Releases”

Valheim – “Top Sellers” and “New Releases”

Apex Legends – “Top Sellers” and “Most Played”

Halo Infinite: “New Releases” and “Most Played”

Games in the “Early Access Grads” category didn’t have as much overlap with the others. There could be several reasons for this, though since the others benefit hugely from mass advertisement, it’s no wonder that more obscure titles didn’t make the cut.