Apex Legends’ Upcoming Season, Event and New Legend Just got Leaked

Apex Season 12 Looks Promising

Respawn Entertainment’s Battle Royale Apex Legends just got a massive leak regarding its next season. Data miners have been hard at work picking apart files from the game’s latest update, and they’ve found a gold mine of information.

Apex Legends Respawn

Apex Legends just had an update that brought The Raiders Collection Event to the game. The event wasn’t the only thing added in the update though. As most developers do when they update their games, Respawn also added files that contain data for future unannounced content. Data miners sifted through these files and have figured out who the next legend coming to the game will be.

Apex Legends’ next character will be the infamous Mad Maggie. Mad Maggie is directly tied to Fuse’s backstory. The two were childhood friends and freedom fighters for Salvo, the planet they grew up on. Maggie was a temporary announcer for some of the events back in season 8 and was featured heavily in Fuse’s lore trailer and launch trailer.

The leak was posted on Twitter by user HumanSAS. They found data for Maggie’s skydiving emote which all but officially confirms her release as a playable character. According to the leaks, she will be coming out at the start of season 12. Season 12 is coming out on February 8th of 2022 almost exactly 1 year after Fuse came out further proving the likelihood of this leak.

Also coming out in Season 12 is a new event. The event will be called the Dark Depths Event and will feature new skins themed around the deep sea. This leak was posted by Twitter user KralRindo. The tweet shows a screenshot of the alleged event’s battles pass. It also shows a few skins and other cosmetics that fit the deep sea theme.

None of this information has been confirmed or denied by Respawn, but a lot of it seems very likely to come to the game.