Steam Deck Release Pushed Back Due to Material Shortages

Steam Decked

Playing PC games on the go? Steam Deck has told us one thing: the future is now. Unfortunately, the future has to be delayed by a couple of months. There is a shortage of parts for the future, so the future won’t get here on time.

Basically, the Steam Deck will not be coming out in 2021 as we thought. When pre-ordering new software or hardware, you can usually just set up an order or check availability, but for the Steam Deck, there is actually a waiting list for opportunities to buy it. Valve has updated their Steam Deck FAQ to explain the delay.

Steam Deck console

While we did our best to account for the global supply chain issues (by which we mean we factored in extra time to account for these risks and worked with multiple component vendors), our manufacturing plans were still impacted. Material shortages and delays meant that components weren’t making it to our manufacturing facilities on time. Missing parts along with logistical challenges means delayed Steam Decks, so we needed to push out shipping by two months to February. We’ll continue working to improve reservation dates based on the new timeline, and will keep folks updated as we go.”

Valve does not go into specifics about what parts are in such short supply, but the shortages of PS5s and Xbox Series X|Ss may have some that in common with Steam Deck. Do not despair, the Master Race will prevail!

Hey, maybe if you study the inner workings of the Steam Deck, you can find a suitable replacement for the crucial parts. Steam Deck’s new release window is February 2022.

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