Square Enix Kicks Off Holiday Season With Black Friday Sales

Square Enix Kicks Off Holiday Season With Black Friday Sales

Square Enix is a major video game developer and publisher that has a wide gaming portfolio. Its games range from action-adventure to role-playing titles. Today, Square Enix has announced that it is ready to kick off the holiday season with a massive sale that celebrates their fans who have enjoyed their titles for years. The Black Friday sales and promotions encompass many titles from Guardians of the Galaxy which recently released to older titles. Are you ready to spend some money for the holiday season?

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will be discounted at 35% on the PlayStation store until November 29th and until December 1st on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Players who purchase the game in the US and Canada will be given one free month of Disney+ after linking their Square Enix accounts. Marvel’s Avengers will also be on sale at 60% off on various platforms.

Furthermore, Outriders is on sale at 67% digitally and for 50% at physical retailers on various platforms. Life Is Strange: True Colors ahs various editions which will be on sale until December 4th.

Various titles in the Final Fantasy series will also be on sale including Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade at 33%, Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omina and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius,which are mobile titles where players can purchase various additions to set their characters apart. In Brave Exvius, players can purchase the Black Friday Bundle, enjoy the Final Fantasy X collaboration and experience the Journey from Besaid until December 8th.

In Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omina, from November 25th to 30th, players can participate in the Black Five-Day Campaign for various rewards.

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SOURCE: Press Release