Sea of Thieves’ Next Update Lets You Bury Treasure, For Real

An Ocean of Buried Treasure Comes to Sea of Thieves

Rare’s been having a bit of fun over at Sea of Thieves. The game just oozes cartoonish and stylized fun, and the announcement video for Season 5 reflects that. With a nautical version of “the 12 days of Christmas” playing in the background, the video shows off everything related to the update, holiday-themed or otherwise.

Sea of Thieves: Season 5 offers a ton of new content – including fireworks, skins, new mechanics, the works. There’s also some quality-of-life updates (you can take everything out of barrels with just a single button!), and plenty of flavorful additions to give the game some flair. You can sit now!

But the headline feature of this update is something very special. Something no good pirate could live without: burying your treasure. The system promises to become a major game mechanic for the going forward. By burying your treasure somewhere, the game will automatically generate a map to help you find it again. And if you post the map up for other players to find, you’ll get a sweet bonus of cash and renown if someone else digs it up. Its a system designed to give players more ways to interact – and in Sea of Thieves, interaction leads to some of the game’s best moments.

Other mechanical additions include a rowboat… with a canon strapped to the front. One can only imagine all the cool moments you could have, rolling up on some unsuspecting fools with a whole crew of these things swarming about. Granted, making something like that happen is probably easier said than done, but the visual might be worth it alone.

The game’s playerbase is super excited to get on board with these new changes. And since they hit the main servers on December 2nd, they won’t have to wait very long. A “season of giving” is a great time to be a pirate!