N64 Online Complaints Finally Gets a Nintendo Response

Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser Comments on the Matter

Nintendo Switch Online recently received an upgrade with the Nintendo Online Expansion subscription. But while it is possible with the Expansion kit to play Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games, those who have played what’s available can say that it hasn’t been the most enjoyable experience that it could be. In fact, according to players, there had been numerous problems when it comes to button mapping and with the lack of good emulation quality.  Considering the price tag that comes along with the service, it’s little wonder that players have been complaining.

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

During an interview with the Verge, Nintendo of America’s President, Doug Bowser, commented on the matter of quality. “We take the feedback very seriously, and we’re continuing to look at ways to improve the overall performance. For us, it’s about quality and great content at a great value.”

That’s what the players want too, but so far, there doesn’t seem to be anything that has been done. The response does feel a little vague on the promises, and on how the situation will be resolved. Considering that this is, in fact, a paid service and a hefty one at that, it should be in Nintendo’s best interest to not only fix the problem but to upgrade it for enjoyability. Currently, it’s possible to play Super Mario 64, Starfox 64,  Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, WinBack: Covert Operations, Dr. Mario, among others. This also includes the newly released DLC for Animal Crossings New Horizon. Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack is currently available for $49.99 per year as an individual subscription while the family membership tier costs $79.99 per year. Not something to sneeze at when it comes to possible family entertainment, especially compared to the prices of the PlayStation Plus and the Xbox Game Pass.

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