Lies of P’s 1st Gameplay Trailer Shows Pinocchio’s Murderous Side

Lies of P Is a Pinocchio Meets Bloodborne Kind of Game

Lies of P just got its first gameplay trailer, and it showed Pinocchio as the game’s playable character. Based on the preview, it looks like the game from Neowiz and Round8 Studio took influence from Bloodborne with a brutal and dark setting and RPG gameplay featured in From Software’s Souls series.

Lies of P takes inspiration from the classic Italian story of Pinocchio from Carlo Collodi. Set in once picturesque city of Krat, Lies of P players will have to fight off automatons as P—or Pinocchio—attempts to locate Mr. Geppetto and tries to reverse the curse that has befallen the city.

lies of p gameplay trailer pinocchio meets bloodborne

The From Software flavor is relatively evident from the get-go with the game’s booming choirs, gothic streets, and bloody cleavers. It is a competent riff on the Souls aesthetic, and could be seen as one of the closest things the gaming community will see when it comes to a PC port of the Bloodborne series.

Despite a close similarity to Bloodborne, Lies of P brings its own tune to the song. In-game monsters move in an unnervingly mechanical style as they chop up bodies with soulless efficiency. The game certainly brings a creepy vibe to the Pinocchio backstory.

The trailer showcases reactive counter-attacks and a variety of unique of weapons. Pinocchio will have a mechanical arm that players can utilize as an additional tool or weapon, since it can also be used as a grappling hook to pull the enemies in.

In addition to stabbing enemies, Lies of P also features certain special quests. Considering that the main character in the game is Pinocchio, players will be given the choice to lie. According to the game’s press release, “The more you lie, the more human you become—with all the advantages and disadvantages that it entails.” There are also choices that can hugely influence how the game ends for each Lies of P player.

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