Final Fighter Adjustment Coming Soon to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

While Tweaking for the Better Is Good, This Promises the End of a Smash Bros. Era

Nintendo has announced a new update for the Smash Brothers Ultimate game on November 29th, 2021. This is going to be the last of the updates for the game, according to Nintendo, which will include fighter adjustments. Fighter adjustments, which started in the Version 1.2.0 update on December 13, 2018, ensure that the characters will be less vulnerable, more vulnerable, or increase launch distance. Basically, it brings all the characters onto (pun intended) the same playing field, so there can no longer be a guaranteed win or loss.


super smash bros ultimate sora final dlc character

So if there have been, for example, difficulties playing Sora, the latest and last to join the Smash Bros. roster, that will no longer be an issue after the latest patch.

The only problem is that while Nintendo has announced on all of their social media that the patch update will be happening, it did not say when. It also mentioned that when the patch does go live, that replay data from the previous plays, before the patch fix occurs, will become unplayable. They do at least give a tip on how to convert the previous data into videos, so you can watch previous gaming sessions. That’s something at least.

There has been no word either on if there is a new Smash Brothers in the works, or what characters they would include. It’s possible that Nintendo may want to focus on Smash Bros. gaming tournaments possibilities, despite previous resistance. Still, Nintendo might want to stay on their toes. They’re no longer the only brawling platformer game in town. Not with Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl currently for sale. There’s the Warner Brothers MultiVerus that’s in the works too. There are even indie brawling platformers that are doing well, such as Indie Pogo.

Maybe if we’re lucky, Nintendo will feel the heat and decide to make things a little more interesting for the next Smash Bros. patch or even a new iteration of the popular party game.