Dark Cyberpunk Adventure Game Encodya Out on Consoles Today

Encodya? I Hardly Know Ya!

It’s not everyday that a piece of media with cyberpunk influence and Nazi-futurism imagery also has a cute story to tell. From Chaosmonger Studio comes Encodya. It is a tale of a young orphan girl and her clumsy robot protector/best friend and their journey to survive in Neo Berlin.

In the year 2062, Tina lives alone in Neo Berlin, scavenging the streets of the city controlled by mega corporations. Tina is accompanied by SAM-53 who is tasked with taking care of her. There are images paying homage to My Neighbor Totoro, such as Tina and SAM standing in the rain with a red umbrella. The main antagonist is a cruel business man named Mr. Rumpf, which is totally not saying anything close to home.


Encodya is a point and click game, having players travel from screen to screen and interacting with different people and objects. The player can switch between controlling Tina and SAM for different tasks and uses in puzzle solving. While much of the game takes place in Neo Berlin, Tina and SAM will be visiting the world outside the city, where nature has taken back the land.

Encodya came out on PC earlier this year, but today it launces on consoles, with a release discount on Xbox and Nintendo Switch. You can also get the Save the World Edition on PC, which comes with the artbook, soundtrack, wallpapers, and a Making Of video. Encodya is out now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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