Three Minutes to Eight Is Now Available on Consoles and IOS

Cheat Death in Three Minutes to Eight

Chaosmonger Studio and Assemble Entertainment have launched their mystery adventure game Three Minutes to Eight on consoles and IOS today. It is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for $14.99. While the IOS version is priced at $4.99. Go ahead and grab your copy right now.

Three Minutes to Eight

Three Minutes To Eight is a mind-bending pixel art adventure game that takes place in the near future. The story has an intriguing twist and that is the fact that the protagonist will die at precisely 07:57 PM. It is full of twists and turns that require the players to solve the mystery behind the death of the protagonist.

Players must discover what lies beneath the surface, unravel secret plans, and find a way to cheat death. There are multiple endings in the story, meaning each run will be distinct with randomized elements and unique events. This adds a layer of replayability to the game.

Three Minutes to Eight also features complex dialogues with several fully-voiced acted NPCs, deepening the narrative. So are you ready for this unique gaming experience with so many possibilities?

Here are some key features:

– Stunning Pixel Art: Explore futuristic locations created in voxel art, featuring pixel-art characters designed and animated frame-by-frame to create a unique neon aesthetic.
– Multiple Endings: Finish multiple runs each with unique and randomized elements and events to unlock more endings.
– Unravel the Mystery: Why are you destined to die at 7:57 PM? It’s up to you to discover and find a way to stop it.
– Fully Voiced Characters: Adding to the immersion, this experience features fully voice-acted characters, making the world feel more alive.