New Season And Custom Game Mode Update Coming To Splitgate

New Season And Custom Game Mode Update Coming To Splitgate

Splitgate is a free-to-play first person shooter that saw meteoric rise over the past few months, as its slogan, ‘Halo Meets Portal’, fit the perfect niche for many gamers looking for a new, unique experience in the shooter arena. Splitgate is currently available for free on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It boasts fast-paced gameplay and feels similar to Halo, with its own special twists and tricks. The developers have continued to release new content into Splitgate since it grew in popularity, and the developers have confirmed that a new update bringing custom game mode changes is coming today, while a new season is quickly approaching.

The update allows players to have much more control over what kind of game they want to hop in to and improves upon the game’s UI for selecting maps and game modes, by giving its a cool facelift. Players will now be able to navigate the menus much easier, by scrolling through present and saved game modes.

splitgate forge map editor


Prior to the update, players in custom game modes could only create their game mode and play with friends. However, after today’s update, players can customize their matches much more, with traits that allow for crazier matches and endless possibilities. An example is that one team would have a ton of health, but no portals while the other team can use portals, but have less health. These changes can bring a lot of fun into the game.

Besides the update, the developers have announced that players have until November 30th to complete Season 0’s battle pass as from December 1st, Season 1 commences. The December Battle Pass will allow players to unlock new cosmetics and content.

Splitgate is set for an official launch in 2022. Players can hop into the game’s open beta today for free!

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SOURCE: Press Release