Overwatch’s Halloween Terror 2021 Event Is Now Live

Overwatch’s Seasonal Event, Halloween Terror 2021, Is Now Live

Overwatch is Blizzard’s team-based action hero shooter wherein six players on each team fight against each other for victory. Since its release in 2016, the game has had consistent updates, and Overwatch 2 was announced by Blizzard. Overwatch 2 is set to release next year and will build upon its predecessor. Overwatch is known for its seasonal events, especially Halloween and Christmas. From today until November 2nd, fans can enjoy Overwatch’s latest event, Halloween Terror 2021.

Players can celebrate Halloween once again by unlocking weekly rewards, skins, costumes and more along with the return of Junkenstein’s Revenge. By playing Overwatch, fans can unlock Terror Loot Boxes and other Halloween inspired cosmetics. Some of these skins and costumes include Vampire Hunter Brigitte, Coffin Bastion and Vampire Bat Echo.

The trailer does a great job at showcasing the event and highlights various costumes available during the period. Brigitte’s costume certainly stands out from the crowd.

In Junkenstein’s Revenge, players must fight to survive as they team up with three other players to confront horrors such as Junkenstein and his Zomnic horde, dreadful Monster, mysterious Summoner and the Witch of the Wilds. Players will fight alongside their teammates as endless swarms of enemies lay siege to Adlersbrunn.

Thus far, Blizzard has revealed some information relating to Overwatch 2, which builds upon the original and introduces new heroes, maps and more. Some of the confirmed changes thus far include the fact that the game is now 5v5. Further, Bastion and Sombra were reworked to feel better. Stay tuned to COGConnected for more changes.

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