Summary of Overwatch 2 Rework Details Released So Far

Major Nerfs to Healers, Sombra and Bastion Reworks

Some details behind Overwatch 2’s massive overhaul of gameplay have been released with the recent Overwatch Grand Finals. In addition, some pros have also given their thoughts on Overwatch 2, which was showcased in a recent show match during the Overwatch Grand Finals event.

overwatch 2 executive producer leaves blizzard
If you didn’t know already, Overwatch 2 will shift Overwatch from a 6v6 to a 5v5 team-based game by removing one of the tanks. The major news announced recently was the changes to Bastion and Sombra. As Bastion and Sombra have always been in a weird place in Overwatch – with Bastion feeling unfun to play against with an uncoordinated team and Sombra being a lot more effective in pro play than ranked, the new reworks should hopefully improve both heroes.

While Bastion will receive nerfs to his sentry form but gain powerful explosive abilities, Sombra’s hack ability will have a greatly reduced cooldown, only disable a hero’s ability for 1 second, cause enemies to be revealed through walls, and have enemies take more damage. Bastion’s rework will hopefully make him less of a niche bunker defense hero, while Sombra’s should lend her to a more assassination role rather than a team utility role.

In addition, healers will not receive too many changes. As stated by an Overwatch community manager, “So far, we’ve not made a ton of changes to how the Support role works in OW2. There are some meaningful changes, such as removing the stun from Brigitte (more on her specific rebalancing efforts in the future), however for the most part the playstyle of your favorite support heroes should feel familiar and similar to retail.” However, Super, an Overwatch Pro player, stated that a major nerf to all healers – for four seconds after taking damage, a player would receive 25% less healing. He went on to state that the change felt “really not good.”

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