OLED Switch Durability Test Video Hurts to Watch, But is Also Kinda Cool

Is This a Vivisection? I Think This Counts as a Vivisection.

Ever wanted to just, like, completely destroy a fresh-out-of-the-box console? To take something that expensive, something you’ve worked hard to pay for, and just claw and scrape until it’s been shredded to bits?

No? …Okay that’s fair, you sound like a perfectly normal and well-adjusted person. I ask you to set that sanity aside, because we have a video to watch. The youtuber JerryRigEverything has put the durability of the OLED Nintendo Switch to the test, sacrificing the device in a ritual designed to appease humanity’s all-consuming desire for knowledge.

For example: did you know that the Nintendo Switch’s buttons have lettering that goes far deeper than the surface level? You can take a knife and scrape off the entire “X”. There’s still an X left over. That’s worth the blood of a console, right? Right?

Videos like these are an interesting look at the design processes – showing the placement of metals, plastics, and glass across the console, and the various changes that were made following the original Switch release. There’s not a single dull moment, even if you have to shield your eyes when the lighter comes out. You get to walk away with a new understanding of an awesome console, the youtuber walks away with some Youtube Bucks ™, and the Switch… okay yeah the Switch is gone but come on it was for the greater good.

And throughout it all, Breath of the Wild remains perfectly functional. The tests were mainly focused on the exterior of the console, but considering the visceral feelings brought by omnipresent destructive tools, it’s almost comforting to know that – despite everything – a full Legend of Zelda experience is never that far away. With a video like this, some levity was probably needed.