Guardians of the Galaxy Has Received a New Trailer

Time to Guard the Galaxy

Eidos-Montréal has released a new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. The characters still look like discount versions of their MCU counterparts, but the game does look like a lot of fun. I like the 80’s music, and the action looks solid. I’m not entirely sold on the jokes from the trailers. Some of them have been funny, while others have been pure cringe.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

As shown in the trailer, each Guardian beings something different to the battle. Explosive specialist Rocket is well-equipped to dish out area-of-effect damage, Groot provides unparalleled defensive support, Drax powers through any resistance head-on, and Gamora lends swift and precise swordsmanship to the squad. As Star-Lord, players will call the shots both on the battlefield and throughout the story.

The calls throughout the story has me a little curious. I wonder just how fleshed out that will end up being. Using the Guardians’ different strengths to make combat more efficient sounds like a good time to me. I always love fighting in groups where you can use your ally’s different abilities.

There is a lot to like about the trailer. Guardians of the Galaxy can easily make for a great video game. I appreciate that they decided to go the single-player route after the disappointment that was the Avengers game we need some good, single-player Marvel action, and we have to wait on Insomniac.

I’ll almost certainly end up picking this game up. Nothing has led me to believe I’ll have a bad time with it. I might not end up being a masterpiece, but I should have some fun with it.

Guardians of the Galaxy is set to launch on October 26 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Source: Press Release