‘JARS’ Welcomes You to the F**king Creepiest Basement Ever

Solve the Mysteries of Your Parents’ Basement

Tis’ the season for spooky games, and Mousetrap Games and Daedalic Entertainment are inviting you to go down into a creepy, dusty old basement full of untold scares in JARS. This strategy game presents players with a mix of tower defense and puzzle game mechanics and dares them to explore the mysteries waiting down below.

In JARS, players will take on the role of Victor, a young child sent down into the dark cellar to get a jar of pickles for his mother. What begins as a simple chore soon turns into an adventure with a distinct gothic flair, as shown in this trailer.

Down there, Victor discovers an old sarcophagus–which results in a variety of creepy crawlies emerging from every other jar in the basement. Now, he must lead a variety of adorably creepy minions into battle against a plethora of equally adorable foes.

If you want to protect your ominous find, you must use hard-hitting Mosquitos, sly Chameleons, prickly Hedgehogs, and more to defend yourself, break jars directly, and fend off the opponents that lurk within. To succeed, you must master timing, the use of items, and upgrades to make sure you always have the right minion ready at the right time.

On the way, you’ll also have to solve a variety of puzzles to learn why pages are missing from a book, why Dracula is hiding in the basement, and how to save the world before your mom finds out what you’re doing down there and grounds you. It can’t be that hard. Right?

Key features include:

  • A strategy game featuring puzzles and elements of tower defense: Break all the jars and protect the Sarcophagus – that’s your main goal!
  • A distinct art style inspired by spooky and funny classics: Hand-drawn mouldy horror with a dose of humour
  • Randomization and adaption: You can never be certain what is inside a jar, therefore you have to adapt to new mechanics and situations.

Jars shelf crop

JARS is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

What’s the scariest thing you ever found in the basement? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Press Release