Dungeon of Naheulbelk Set To Hit Next Gen Consoles Early December

Dungeon of Naheulbelk Will Release on The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S In Early December

Artefact Studio, a video game developer based in France has participated in the release of various games including Space Hulk Tactics and Blood Bowl III while Dear Villagers is a popular video game publisher involved with the release of The Forgotten City and Edge of Eternity. The two teams have joined forces with author John Lang, a fantasy novel writer, to release Dungeon of Naheulbelk on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on December 3rd. Dungeon of Naheulbelk is a fantasy RPG based on Lang’s novels.

Dungeon of Naheulbelk first released on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2020 and is a turn-based tactical RPG where players lead a company of heroes who must embark on an adventure to defeat their enemies. Guillaume Jamet, Head of Publishing at Dear Villagers, was excited to work on the project again, stating, “Working on this series is so much fun…The fanbase are very passionate, and I hope they’ll be pleased with this latest edition to the ongoing Naheulbeuk adventure.”

Furthermore, on December 3rd, the game’s second DLC, Splat Jaypak’s Arena, will be available for all versions of the game. Some of the DLC’s features include fifteen new battles, tactics and more, up to ten playable characters to make the best team possible and new adventures in a cool arena. Players will also be able to upgrade their gear between battles, to finetune their tactics as they progress.

In the DLC, players must survive a series of challenges set up by the evil, Splat Jaypak. This DLC is the second of three DLCs, with the third launching sometime in 2022.

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SOURCE: Press Release