All Hallows’ Dreams: Ghost Train Now Available On PlayStation 4

All Hallows’ Dreams: Ghost Train Is Now Available On The PlayStation 4

Media Molecule is a studio based in the United Kingdom who let their creativity reign free as they create intimate, unique adventures for gamers. Some of their projects include LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2. The company has also been working on Dreams for the PlayStation 4, the next generation’s way to play, create and share interesting and new experiences. Media Molecule have announced that All Hallows’ Dreams: Ghost Train is now available on the PlayStation 4, as fans enjoy Halloween in style.

The launch trailer commences with Frankenstein breaking free from his shackles before showing off the carnival and other monsters around. Players can experience different mini-games common to carnivals, but with a scary, Halloween twist. Players will also enjoy some customization options including the Frankenstein costume, zombie costume, devil costume and more.

As Dreams allows the community to create, players are able to ride a community-created ghost train which has interactive aspects and games within it. The game also introduces a Virtual Reality element along with three imps to unlock, Pag, Coco and Emmett.

All Hallows’ Dreams: Ghost Train is available now, but players must play before November 1st to unlock the imps. The game also has a demo available, if fans want to try before they buy.

Dreams is an ever expanding universe where the community can learn,grow, create and share. The platform gives gamers tools to create their own unique worlds and creations aren’t limited to games. Music, paintings, animations, sculptures, movies and more are all possible in this digital playground.

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