Call of Duty: Vanguard PlayStation Exclusive Content Confirmed

Jack White Representing PlayStation Blue

Cross-play in most AAA games has disarmed many arguments in the console wars. It’s made it hard for many who don’t have previous console loyalties to choose a console or PC, excluding of course the Nintendo Switch that’s in a league of its own in terms of hardware and software.

For those massive Call of Duty fans out there, the choice may be a little clearer. According to Sony’s version of the Vanguard launch trailer, PlayStation exclusive content will be available until at least November 1st, 2022 before it is released to other platforms.

The exclusive content that PlayStation is receiving is unspecified as of yet. Leak accounts such as CharlieIntel report that PlayStation users will receive 2 extra load-outs in Create a Class. Whether this means premade load-outs or 2 extra slots remains unclear. This rumour has also yet to be confirmed by Activision, Treyarch or Sledgehammer.

Last year’s release received a decent addition of Zombie Onslaught, so it’s quite possible users are given access to another exclusive mode which would sweeten the deal more than extra load-outs.

call of duty vanguard 2 vanguard 3

Opinions on Vanguard are mixed so far. Around the office, indifference is the keyword. It could very well be the same basics as last year, with a fresh coat of paint. That being said, the content is promising and Activision is pulling out all the stops in terms of marketing even going as far as getting legendary musician Jack White to write an original song for at least the trailer. I’m expecting it to score a landmark battle in the game, as a 30-second trailer seems like a waste of such talent and resources. A Spotify and Apple Music release would really bolster opinions as well. Even if the game is horrible, we get a new Jack White track to jam out to.

Bottom line if you’re looking to get a next-gen console and Call of Duty is your main series, get a PlayStation 5. If you don’t really care about the small content discrepancy and are instead looking forward to Forza Horizon 5, get an Xbox or PC.